Posted by: Mark | April 16, 2010

Thank you girls


I just wanted to say thank you to the girls that travelled with me to the tournament a few weeks ago in Manila. I must apologize as to how long this has taken me to write but to be honest I was wiped out after the tournament. Watching football is waaaaay more tiring than playing 🙂

I also wanted to take the opportunity to just let you all know individually how you impressed and pleased me as your coach.

Andrea – like so many of the girls I appreciated your energy and commitment to the team. I see a lot of raw talent in you and hope you enjoy and develop with your football in the US.

Carol – towards the end of our games I wanted to bring you off because you were hurting. I truly admire the fact that you played through your pain (although it was hard to watch as a coach) and you never stopped running. You have potential in this game and I hope your passion doesn’t wane with time.

Danielle – your improvement this year over last year greatly impressed me. You are a developing athlete with a lot of potential. I hope you keep your interest in football (and sport generally) alive and continue to develop.

Gloria – you were with us for a short time but in the tournament you made a huge impression. You ability to weave around defenders was something that surprised and delighted me – especially when you scored. I know this was the last season you play for us so I hope you can continue playing somewhere in Korea because you have talent.

Grace – you are just a positive note wherever you are. I love your personality and commitment. I love your energy and drive. Something amazing we noted about you was the fact that as the tournament went on and you played more games you actually got faster and more aggressive.

Jessica – you were the energizer bunny of the team. It was neat to see you running off the field at the end of play. You have a strong kick and energy for the game of football. Sorry you had to play goals so much – hopefully next year your new coach will have different ideas.

Josie – last year at BSM I seen such an improvement in you at the tournament and was so happy to see this continue in Manila this year. Your ability to adapt to any position in the field is a great asset and was a huge benefit to our team. I hope your knee get fully recovered soon.

Joy (not in picture) – I was so sad that you were not able to be with us in Manila. You were an asset to the team and would have made a great captain. You improved so much over our short season and would have been a great weapon up front. I also appreciate your extra effort in the mornings with Mr Stevenson.

Krysten – I have said it before and I will say it again – I would not like to be attack when you are in defense. You are a strong, confident, aggressive, never giving up defender who is just plain hard to get past. I hope that you continue in your love for football (and other sports too) as you are a good athlete.

Mikayla – I enjoy watching people improve year on year. So having you on our team was a joy to me. You are developing in this game and improving each time you play. You played a neat role in the tournament and covered your spot well.

Sandrine – I know from personal experience that it is hard to play on the left side of midfield as a right footed player. Personally I stink in that position. However, I think you adapted well to it and were able to run well on the ball. You commitment level and energy, like some of the other girls, actually increased as you played more games. I know that football is somewhere in your european blood and it was neat to see it emerge throughout this tournament.

Suzi – you were our walking wounded, patched together player. The very fact that you were able to play for us was a miracle in itself. Thank you for your commitment, leadership, enthusiasm and encouragement on the team and not least of all the contribution you made in defense.

Trea – you are little but you are big. Just thinking back to the tournament I can vividly see two times when you were the last player before the keeper and you stopped what would have been a likely goal. You made a difference on our team and as the youngest player there it will be neat to see how you grow over time.

Thank you also to Mr Bartels and Miss Farlin who made it possible to be in Manila and play at the tournament. As the coach I greatly appreciate being freed up to just coach. And last but not least thanks also to Mr Miller who was the assistant coach – thank you for everything you taught the girls and for your help throughout the season.

I just wanted to also share some photos of our time in Manila for those that were not lucky enough to be with us:





















  1. Aw, i will miss such a great coach with cute kids and an amazing wife…. Like i said you guys need to move with me : )

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