Posted by: Louise | April 14, 2010

Kindergarden Graduation

We’ve been here for almost six years and I still feel like I’m learning new things about the culture all the time. This month I attended my first ever Kindergarden graduation. This school is part of a churches outreach program and they asked me to give a Bible talk for the children and I was glad to help! It lasted for around 3 hours, and for two of the hours there was no electric, that made it hot and sweaty, and I had to project my voice, but I enjoyed the morning and seeing how each child was celebrated. In this culture children are highly valued and it was so great to see each child valued and praised.   

Here are some pictures of the morning


The graduates walk in with their Sponsors.


Time to sing the national anthem.


The church was pretty full.


Each child got their diploma certificate


And ribbons and medals. The awards were for things like best in reading, best in colouring or most cheerful, or most obedient. Each child got to go up at least 3 times and a pictures was taken each time. No one was left out. I left feeling like these children were really valued and cared for and they had parents or grandparents that were very proud of them, even for their small achievements.


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