Posted by: Mark | April 7, 2010

Does God’s artwork stink?

Recently I read on the BBC news site an article on how skin whitening cream sales are rocketing in India. Living here in the Philippines as an expat it often gives me a giggle as I see how prevalent skin whitening cream and the desire for white skin is. Coming from a western context where white skinned people spend large sums of money to be “fake tanned” or go through the less healthy option of a tanning bed. Basically white people want to be dark and darker people want to be light. Seems a little messed up doesn’t it?

I also see this in other areas of life. I find that people don’t seem to be happy with their skill set and desire to be something they are not. Perhaps it is a software developer taking a role as a team leader when he just wants to develop. Perhaps it is an evangelist taking a role as a pastor/minister when he is not gifted as one. Perhaps it is a teacher pushing for the promotion to a head master when in effect they really want to continue teaching. Why do we want to be what appears to be more successful in society’s eyes instead of fulfilling what God has created us to be.

Please do not mistake me. There is nothing wrong with looking your best or having an ambition, but trying to be something you are not doesn’t make sense. You will not be happy and probably as a result the people around you will not be happy either. You will also not do the job as well as someone else who was created with those talents.

We are told in the bible that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made“. God did not make a mistake when he made us looking the way we do and having the gifts and talents that we have. We are that way for a reason. We are told to be honest in our evaluation of ourselves. My prayer is that we realize that we, as Christians, are part of the body of Christ. I pray that we have joy in the way we are created and use the skills and giftings that God has given us in the place and way that God desires. I pray that we realize that we are God’s masterpiece and that He is the ultimate artist. He doesn’t make mistakes.

Added Note

After writing this I became aware of a man called Nick Vujicic who represents this idea that God doesn’t make mistakes. I do feel a little sorry for Nick as I am sure he gets annoyed at people pronouncing his family name wrong – but aside from that he has a great message borne out through experience.

Here are a few links you can go to to read more about him:

Gospel Herald report on him speaking in Hong Kong

His personal webpage for his motivational speaking company



  1. “Perhaps it is a software developer taking a role as a team leader when he just wants to develop.” — Is there an organizational chart change I’m not aware of? 😉 Or is this a subtle comment about having to identify yourself for the SSL certificate(s)? 😉

  2. I’ve heard about him at church one time. His story is truly inspirational. I could not imagine how he was able to go through everyday doing normal things in an extraordinary way.

  3. Part of me found it hilarious that the “white want to be dark and the dark wanted to be white”; the other part of me found it very sad that neither side was happy with who God made them to be.
    The statement about the evangelist gifted man being a pastor… wow. That really hit home. I truly believe the man we sat under for so many years as a pastor was really called to be an evangelist.

  4. There are other parts to this as well.

    Most advertising tries to make us dissatisfied with what we are and have.

    Why does everyone want to train me to be a leader and no one wants to train me to be a follower?

    We should learn to be content but still want to grow and develop.

    Keep giving us these good thoughts of Chairman Mark!

  5. […] or inefficient self-image. Many people do strange things because they can’t accept the way that God made them and, if they are Christians, that God loves them as His children. However, Rob seems to have a […]

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