Posted by: Louise | April 5, 2010

Great FREE Childrens Bible eBook and AudioBook online.

A while back I started recording me reading Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven books for my sister Jayne who can’t see. I was surprised to find out that Ewan loved to listen to them too. For a while we would take 30 mins or so when Lydia was sleeping and read a few chapters for Jayne. Recently he started to ask if he could just listen to the recordings – why have I never thought of it before! AudioBooks are the perfect way to keep Ewan occupied when Lydia is napping. So I started to search for audio Bible stories online, and the first one we tried we both love.

Its called the Lamb and is written by John Cross and published by Goodseed. I’m so impressed with the book. The PDF eBook is really well illustrated and the AudioBook is really well done with two different actors. But the thing I like about it most is it’s content. Starting with creation, the fall and the promised Saviour the book clearly presents why we need a Saviour and who he is. It has Ten chapters and the eBook has review questions at the end of each one. The AudioBook has a song that has been written to go with the theme of the chapter. Ewan stated listening a few days ago and this morning after breakfast the first thing he asked me was if he could listen to it again.


On their website Goodseed says “Use The Lamb picture book to give an accurate, undiluted but sensitive presentation of the gospel in a way that kids can make sense of it”.

I would really recommended it, Ewan and I have already had a few great discussion after listening to the book or reading it together. It’s aimed at age 5 and above, but Ewan is only 4 and seems to be understanding well.

Click here to go straight to the book, it’s easy to access after a brief and quick registration. They allow you to see and hear a few chapters without registering.   

Oh and one more thing, if you know of any other good Biblical or Classical AudioBooks that are available for free online let me know! Thanks.



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