Posted by: Mark | April 2, 2010

Get your own cadbury sugar high

Living here in the Philippines has many advantages but a few downsides. The one big major downside is that we can’t get british chocolate here. At this time of year that means that we can’t get Cadbury’s cream eggs or any other eggs for that matter.

However, thankfully I have a very inventive wife who also knows how to use google. And using those great skills she found a recipe to make our own cream eggs. *Actually now she tells me it was passed to her from a friend – thanks Laura 🙂

How could we resist. We put the ingredients together – which were mainly sugar – and ended up with this.

If you are like us and you don’t drink coffee and need a pick me up in the morning then this little sugar high should keep you firing all day!!





  1. You aren’t going to share the recipe too?!

    • Sorry Mark, it isn’t very obvious. But the text “recipe to make our own cream eggs” above is a link and links through to the recipe.

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