Posted by: Mark | March 31, 2010

Surprise addition to the family!!


Very early in the morning recently Louise and I were rudely woken by the sound of loud doggy noises. This of course does not sound abnormal to anyone who lives or who has lived here in Davao. Dogs are everywhere and are actually advised as security and we sleep with our windows wide open to let whatever breeze is outside in. However, I was just a little shocked when my very industrious wife went outside to put clothes into the washing machine as soon as she got up. Then I heard the rather surprised call

“Mark – come quick we have dogs”

I of course ran downstairs iike a knight in shining armor (well actually I was in my nighttime attire but shining armor sounds better) to be greeted by a cute little lydia in her nappy saying,

“Daddy – puppies”

These two little guys were walking around our garden like they lived there. We have of course put up a sign looking for the owners, but our kids are in love. They are constantly running up and down to see what the puppies are doing. And because our little big eared son overheard his mum tell someone that puppies that went to the pound ended up in the crocodile park as croc food they are not keen on that at all. Louise thankfully is staying firm (heartless lady that she is) and refusing to keep them as I seem to have buckled like a pansy boy and letting them get into my heart. Am I gay? They are cute!!





  1. Jayne coming home tomorrow.. Wait till I tell her about this!!

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