Posted by: Mark | March 24, 2010

Life as Internet History

Recently I read an article on Christianity Today titled “Show all History“. It is an interesting read about some search history results released by AOL some time back and the analysis that can be drawn from them. It ends with a challenge about how we would feel if God seen our internet browsing history.

In my thinking I went a little further. What if our life was treated like our Internet browser and everything we did was kept in a history? If all our thoughts, actions, deeds, chosen ignorance, laziness, inaction, and unbelief was written down as a record. How would we feel about that history being made public?

Sometimes as people and more importantly as Christians we live a somewhat publicly good life but don’t concentrate on our private (no one sees it) life as much. As long as people see that we are good that is OK isn’t it? As long as my “testimony” is intact. My thought life is my thought life and my private life is my private life.

One thing we are teaching Ewan and Lydia as they grow is that they have to be good even when we don’t see or hear them. Sometimes Ewan has asked me the question – “What if you are not here then can I do … “? I am trying to teach him that God is everywhere and it is God he needs to obey and please. It is the same for us.

As a Christian I am pleased that my sins have been forgotten by God. However, I know that I will still have to give an account to Him. An account of how I lived my life with the benefits, gifting, knowledge, blessings, love, and advantage that He gave.



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