Posted by: Louise | March 10, 2010

Verse Club – were the practical and spirtual meet

During the past few weeks, I’ve had the real privilege of being involved in my friends Verse Club. Like me, she was wondering how to help the poorer kids that live near our area. I wrote a post a while ago “We have no rice” about my struggle with how to best meet the needs of these children. Well my friend Lisa is a very clever lady and for the past few years she has been running “Verse Club” twice a year. It runs two days a week for around 6-8 weeks each time.

This is how it works. The children come and register (limited to 100 children this year but it’s been up to 200 in the past) and get given a verse to learn in their local dialect. They come back the next week and if they can recite the verses they get given an album with lots of verses in it. Each set of verses correlates to a prize.

Here is one little girl who got her album today.


Here’s some pictures of Bible memorization in action:




So what prizes would motivate the children that live near you to memorize? I know I always got sweets in my Sunday School! Here it’s a little different. Look at this wee guy, so happy with his ruler


Or this girl – a whole bottle of shampoo!


What about these two guys, two pencils and a ruler make these guys happy.


How about some paper


or a pair of new flip flops


All the prizes are designed to meet their practical needs, especially for school supplies. The prizes range from pencils, sharpeners, markers, pens, underwear, socks, flip flops right up to the biggest prize of school shoes or a uniform (approximate cost is 5 pounds) is given to those who memorise almost an entire chapter of Matthew.

How does one go about buying school shoes for children without dragging them all down to the shops with you? I was intrigued. The answer is simply draw around their foot, cut it out and take that to the shop as your template.


Then you hope when they try them on that they fit – success!


My prayer is that although the scripture memory may be mainly motivated by the prizes, that God’s word, through his Holy Spirit, will bring these kids to know Him in a real way.

So then faith [comes] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17



  1. Very nice Blog post! My wife and I are Mike’s uncle and aunt, so Mike & Lisa are very close to us. Lisa sent out a link to your Blog, it is very well done and a great message! We support Mike & Lisa with our prayers and support – thank you for doing the same!


    • Thanks for sharing on the blog. We, too, have supported Lisa and Mike, as I first met Lisa in the College Alg class that I taught at Wheaton College–it’s been a few years!! I was impressed then by her passion to reach the unreached (she did a graphing project on it even!) and I know that this is a great way to reach children. Our own kids were impacted by Awana clubs and have had their kids in it–there is nothing like hiding the Word in our hearts as a child (or at any time). This is a great way to do it, too, as it is so very practical and meets so many needs. Thanks for helping her with it, as we all receive the blessings. May God continue to meet your needs in reaching out…..Mrs. Bathje

  2. Me too! My heart really resonates on this project of Lisa’s and feel it a privilege to supply her needs when she asks….

    Thanks for doing a good job of spreading the word of Lisa and Mike who are also spreading the Word!

  3. I do love to read/hear about God’s word going out to the world. May you be blessed as you help in this project! I am following Lisa and Mike and am a friend of their mom, Connie!

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