Posted by: Louise | March 1, 2010

Good Small Group Bible Study or Quiet Time books

Well I was going to write a review on my second favorite parenting book and realized that I have leant it to someone. So I thought I would review a series of study guides that I have really enjoyed over the past few years instead. I use them for my quiet times, but they would be great for small groups, and that is probably what they were intended for.

It’s a series of study guides by John MacArthur on different books of the Bible (click image below to see it on Amazon).


Each book in the series has a similar format. FIrst there is an introduction and a bit of background to the book. Then the book is divided up into small passages and a chapter is devoted to each passage.

The layout of each chapter is normally like this :
  1. A few personal questions to set the tone of the study
  2. A few paragraphs on the context of the passage.
  3. The actual passage (NKJV) with a guide to explain some the the words and terms as you read.
  4. Then follows a few comprehension questions to get you thinking about the text.
  5. The next section in the chapter is the “going deeper” section when another passage from scripture is highlighted that is related to the passage you have just read. It is also right there in the book.
  6. There is normally about 8 more questions exploring the meaning and some application questions.
  7. There is also a little paragraph written as a bit of a challenge.
I tend to do each chapter over a few days depending on time and interruptions!

If your looking for something to study I would really recommend them. I’m on my fifth book and have really benefitted from them. I have many great quotes and challenges to me personally from these books in my journal now.

For those living in Davao, the OMF bookstore have a few in stock most of the time.


  1. All good O.T. skills gained in the villa workshop.
    I love to see these pictures and how the children are growing up. You have a beautiful family and I am sure you are proud of them.
    God Bless Ken

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