Posted by: Mark | February 24, 2010

My Valentines Week

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a soppy kinda guy. I am also not a guy who generally enjoys special holiday – and my wife can tell you that I don’t generally celebrate them either. However, Louise has been changing that in me a little because of how she is getting us as a family to celebrate holidays. This Christmas we did several different things as a family which allowed us to better follow the bible story and also have some great times as a family. Louise has talked about them here. This valentines day Louise again organized some things for us as a family and she has talked about them here and here. It was really nice to see how excited the kids were about getting the heart from the wall and hearing what the Bible had to say about love. It was a joy as a father to teach the kids a little about love as well. It was also really neat to put into words for my kids the reasons why we loved them. Louise and I took it in turns to do this each night and it was amazing how much it seemed to effect our kids as we read them to them each morning.

However, there was one thing Louise did not blog about that I wanted to mention here. Louise and the kids made for me a Love Tree. In this they wrote things (that I know had major input from the kids) about why they love me. This was really special to me and a real blessing. Valentines day and the love it expresses has changed over the years as I have went from a teenager getting boyfriend/girlfriend oversized cards, chocolates and the like from Louise to now when I am touched deeply by heart felt love notes from my kids facilitated by her. Each expression has its place and each its blessing. Thank you Louise for them all.



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