Posted by: Mark | February 21, 2010

A new Jones?

We just wanted to take this opportunity to make a quick announcement to see if we can work faster than the rumor tree. As a family we have begun the process of adopting a baby here. We are at the very beginning of this process and have a longish road ahead of us but as a family we are excited about this direction.

Some time back we began to prayer together as a couple about what God had in store for us. The main emphasis of our prayers were to do with the timing of our next visit home to NI and our children’s education. However, it turns out, as is often the case, that God had a different plan. After a few weeks of praying together we came to the realization that we were both being led by God towards adopting a child. This had been something that we had talked about in the past in passing but never in a definite way. It was refreshing to us to be definitely guided by God in this matter.

We have taken some steps already mainly in the area of information gathering. With the help of one of our best friends ( we have garnered a lot of information on adopting here and the process back home. We have also had some real person advice in the shape of our family social worker (Grace), friends who have adopted, and a social worker from the government here. We are now in the gathering all the paper work stage (which looks to be a nightmare) and getting medical checks, psychological checks (this is the hard bit for us) and getting legal advice.

We put this information up here to request your prayers for this little life that we want to welcome into our family. Please pray that God continues to guide us and go before us. Some specific things you could pray for over the next few months are:

  1. That we will be able to get all the paper work, especially the papers we need from the UK in a timely way.
  2. If our little daughter is already born that the people caring for her would love her and do a good job in meeting all her needs
  3. For her birth mother, whoever she is, that God will meet with her and heal the wounds that this will leave in her life.


  1. I am excited for you about adopting, and can see God leading you. This is my first time to your blog! I actually was looking for the haiti sermon. Can you believe I’m bored without teaching?
    Talk to you later, Heather

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