Posted by: Louise | February 17, 2010

Daddy’s little boy

There is a little boy in our house who gets very excited every time his Daddy gets his tool box out. We gave Ewan his first little tool set when he was about 20 months old. We had just moved house and he was driving us crazy as we tried to get things unpacked and everything put in place. When we produced his tool kit he happily followed his Dad around hammering beside where he hammered, pretending to screw when Daddy was using his screw driver…. Well things haven’t changed much over the past few years.

Recently I asked Mark to put up a Hanging Book Display, and Ewan went straight into “Handy Man” mode and gathered his tools for “the big job”. I loved to see him drink in all his daddy was teaching him


Full concentration was applied when it came to the really “exciting tools”.

And of course he had to have a go “all by myself”

I love watching Ewan and Mark do things like this together. Ewan just drinks in all he can and is starting to learn skills for the future and most of all Ewan gets such a buzz out of it. Mark needs to be remarkably patient to do things like this with him and a five minuet job takes three times as long, but it never seems to be a hassle to him. He is such an example to me. I feel blessed to have such a great Daddy for my children.


  1. They are looking good…..He is so georgeous!! Which one am I talking about??

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