Posted by: Louise | February 15, 2010

Hanging Book Display

We love reading books in this house. A few months ago, Lydia was going through a phase where she would follow me around the house with one in her hand ready for any opportunity to look at me with her big blue eyes and cute smile and say “read book?”. Some days it feels like eveytime my bum hits a seat there is at least one child, if not two, standing before me with their favourite book. So to save lots of repetition and because it has amazing air-con we go to the library at the mission school two or three times a month.


The main highlight for me is 45 mins or so in delightful air-conditioned bliss, for the children however, it’s the Guinea Pig. I just have to say the word Library and Lydia runs to the fridge to find an apple or carrot so she can “feed pig”. The lovely Librarian Coral is very patient with us as we learn the library rules – don’t talk loudly, don’t scare the Guinea Pig, don’t pull random books off the shelves, don’t act like whatever animal we have just read about as loudly as you can……. Here she is giving Lydia a big treat.

We really appreciate the Library, and want to take care of the books that we get to borrow, so when I seen an idea for a hanging book display on this blog I knew I wanted to make one so we could keep our Library books safe and accessible.
Here is my version:
Having a special place for the books helps us to treat them well and keeps them together in one place. I hope that books continue to be a big part of my children’s’ lives. Look how happy it makes them!
I’m joining the “Show and Tell” over at Blue Cricket.



  1. What a great idea! I love it! I hate it when books hit the floor…yikes!! This would certainly make them want to keep them picked up! Thanks so much for sharing!

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