Posted by: Mark | February 10, 2010



Recently I blogged about the movie “Facing the Giants” by Sherwood Baptist Church. This, however, was not our first exposure to movies from this church. Over Christmas we went with friends to a resort in the mountains near here and one of the evenings there we watched one of their movies called “Fireproof” which was also by this church.

I had heard of this movie last Valentines day when a guy in our mission done a thing called a love dare. This was a period of 40 days when he sent me an email a day which was a dare for me to do something for Louise. These included things like buying her something as a complete surprise or finding the one thing (no matter the cost) that she wanted and trying to get it for her. In my case that thing was a sewing machine which, praise God, I was able to get fairly soon afterward for her – and you can see all over this blog the effect of that machine.

This movie follows a fireman as his marriage is falling apart. It tracks how his marriage gets a lot worse and then slowly gets better as he gets advice from his dad, does the love dare and meets God.

I personally didn’t like this movie as much as Facing the Giants but that was more to do with the story not being as good for me. It is still well worth the watch.


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