Posted by: Louise | February 8, 2010

Things kids say and do #2

A while ago I posted here some of the things that my kids say or do that amuse me and bring a smile to my face. Here are some more that Ewan has said in the past that have brightened my days.

  • Ewan wanted to go for a walk and I told him once Lydia woke we would go. He was getting impatient, and Lydia had already slept for two hours so I went to get her up. When Ewan saw her he said “thanks big girl for getting the little girl up”. Not sure I appreciate being called a big girl!
  • I was cuddling Ewan and said “you’re my little snuggle muffin”, he said “no, I’m your little snuggle cookie”. “Ok, you’re my little snuggle cookie”. A few second later he looks up and says, “no, I’m you little snuggle brownie”…… just like his mum –he can’t decide which one is the best.
  • “There are two types of wind. The wind God makes and the wind that the fan makes”
  • One morning Ewan woke up with a slightly swollen finger. “why is it sore when I try to put my finger down (bend it)” Me “it looks like you have been bitten by something, maybe a mosquito” Ewan “or maybe a red ant” Me “yes, it could have been a red ant” Ewan “or maybe a crocodile

  • Ewan: “what do you call God’s wife?”, Me: “God doesn’t have a wife”. Ewan: “why?”, Me: “God doesn’t need a wife”. Ewan: “But he needs one for cooking food”. I think Ewan has the gender stereotypes down right – not sure about his concept of God.
  • “I think your a wild person mummy”, was Ewan’s conclusion after we had a discussion. Here is his logic. A few weeks ago I had told him that there was no such things as dragons, they were just pretend. Mark kindly informed him that there were in fact Komodo Dragons on some Islands in Indonesia. Today Ewan asked “who looks after the Komodo dragons”. I told him they looked after themselves. He looked at me concerned and said that they needed someone, like a farmer, to look after them. This started a discussion on how some animals are farm animals, zoo animals, pets and wild animals who just look after themselves. Silence for a few moments “I think your a wild person mummy, because you look after yourself”. Good logic, although I think he’s the first person to call me wild:)


  1. I think you should tell Ewan that at Taman Safari you can pay to have a live chicken dropped into the komodo dragon “pen” and the KDs hunt them down and eat them… so there is someone looking after the KDs in Indo! (At least at the zoo…) 🙂

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