Posted by: Louise | February 3, 2010

Valentines Count Down – What will you do for Valentines this year?

We hope to do some Valentines activities with the kids next week. Any excuse to pink in this house 🙂 We’ll probably do some of the same ones as last year (see below). Have you guys any traditions or ideas that you do with your kids? We also plan to do our Love Notes (see them here) again this year – the kids really, really loved them last year. We surprised them with their “Love pillow” and a note throughout the year a few times. Leave a comment or email me if you have good valentines activities that you do with your kids.
Last Christmas we had a count down to the big day. You can read about it here. It was much fun and I think Mark and I almost enjoyed it as much as the kids. So I thought because it worked so well, I would make up a countdown for Valentines day. Because Valentines is all about love, I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach the children about God’s love for us and how he wants us to love others. I’ve put together some Bible verses and an activity for the seven days before Valentines. I printed some pretty paper that I downloaded for free from this site and put together this.


On the back of each heart is written the Bible verse and activity for each day (Mark was disgusted at how girlie this looks, but come on – it’s valentines!). Here are my ideas.

Day Six:

Read and talk about Romans 5:8&9

Make a heart catcher

Day five:

Read and talk about Romans 8:35-39

Read “Guess how much I love you” book

Day four:

Read and talk about Ephesians 5:2

Make a Circle of Friends Wreath

Day three:

Read and talk about John 15:12&13

Make a Love Tree

Day two:

Read and talk about 1 Cor 13:4&5a

Make valentines day treats: Rice Crispy Hearts or Heart Shaped Brownies

Day one:

Read and talk about 1 Cor 13:5

Call someone we love

Valentines Day!

Read and talk about Luke 6: 27&28

Eat heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and have a heart shaped cake for desert after lunch.

I got the ideas for most of the activities from this blog thank you!

I hope that by the time we get to Valentines day that all four of us will understand a little better about how much God loves us and about how that should effect how we treat others.

You can read about our valentines love notes here.



  1. Makes me happy every time that I run into someone who loves our God. Greetings from Mexico and may God bless.

  2. […] You can read about our valentines countdown here. […]

  3. Very cute! I love that you added bible verses. What a great way to teach your children. (also thanks for linking to my blog)

  4. These are georgeous. Heart shaped pancakes!!!!

  5. […] valentines day Louise again organized some things for us as a family and she has talked about them here and here. It was really nice to see how excited the kids were about getting the heart from the wall […]

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