Posted by: Louise | February 1, 2010

Valentines Day Love Notes

We really love the kidos that God has given us and I try to look for ways to show them. Having recently read a book called the Five Love Languages for Children I’ve been reminded that we need to express our love to the little people in our lives in lots of different ways, and one of them is by our words. That’s why when I seen this post on “how does she” I knew it was something I wanted to do during the week before Valentines.

So this is the plan. One week before Valentines while the kids are sleeping I’m going to slip a pillow that I have made onto their beds. This one is for Lydia, nice and girly


and this one is for Ewan, I knew that pink hearts were not going to go down well with him, so I make a slightly more masculine version for him!


Each heart is a little pocket where I can slip in a new love note for them every evening when they are sleeping.


So every morning the week before Valentines they will wake up to a love note telling them why I love them, or how much I love them. I’m going to use silly little songs that I sometimes sing to them about love, or lines from books that we read together….. Hopefully they will get the message that they are well and truly loved, secure and treasured.

Of course you don’t have to have a pillow with a pocket to leave a little love note for you children, in fact, why should this be limited to our kids? Don’t we all feel encouraged when someone takes the time to tell us why or how much they love us? Maybe this valentines it’s time to tell all the special people in our lives that they are valued, loved and cared for.

You can read about our valentines countdown here.

I’m joining the “Strut your Stuff Valentines party” at Somewhat Simple



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  2. What a sweet idea! I’m adding this to my list.

  3. Sweet! My kids love receiving handwritten notes. I think this is a super idea!

  4. These are lovely! And, yes, yes you can never have too many ways to tell little ones how much we love them!

  5. […] day Louise again organized some things for us as a family and she has talked about them here and here. It was really nice to see how excited the kids were about getting the heart from the wall and […]

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