Posted by: Mark | February 1, 2010

This should shake your world

The church in the west is rich – very rich. The church in many other parts of the world is poor, needy and a member of the same family as this opulent, sometimes extravagant western church. Sometimes, for those that never travel out of the comfort of a developed country, the contrast of these siblings is never apparent. But it still exists.

Recently I blogged about Haiti and the devastating earthquake that happened there. I mentioned in that blog that a Pastor by the name of Mark Driscoll had went to Haiti to see first hand how the church was getting on. Well he spent 32 hours on the ground talking to people and seeing sights. Alongside him where cameramen and photographers using modern media to capture as much as possible. His first Sunday back in country he preached to his church about the trip. I want to strongly encourage you to listen to the sermon and let your world be changed. Let you view of the world be challenged. Let your view of church be challenged.

I strongly agree with Mark when he says at the end of his sermon that we can do it all. We can bless the church in Jerusalem, Judea, Sameria and the uttermost parts of the earth. However, the western church will have to change and be less self-obsessed, less treasure hoarding, less earthly legacy centered and much more of a spiritual family member.


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