Posted by: Mark | January 29, 2010

Facing the Giants


Recently my lovely wife decided she would plan a nice surprise for me and take me to the new VIP cinema here in town. Just to put the budget conscious at ease it costs around £2 for a ticket not £15 or so like in Belfast. The night was set. Our lovely baby sitter Krysten, whom our kids love, was to arrive at 5.30 and then we would be at the cinema (which is only a few miles away) for the showing at 6pm. However, as usual, things did not quite work out as planned. We left the house just after 5.30 but on the way to the cinema we hit a traffic accident and after three detours to try and get around it we pulled into an insanely busy mall. Louise jumped out of the car as I went to park. However, when she got to the desk all the tickets were sold out – doh. So after I caught up with her and had a wee chin wag we decided that after a little shopping (mainly for treats) we would buy a DVD and go home and watch a movie. In the DVD store, to our surprise, we found the movie “Facing the Giants” by Sherwood Baptist Church in Alabama.

This movie had been recommended to us a while back but we held back on watching it as we held the opinion that because it was made by a church it would be pants. Well, turns out we were wrong.

As a quick synopsis it is about a struggling American football coach who is not having any success on the field or off the field. It tracks his journey over a year when he learns to depend on God for all parts of his life and how God blesses him through this.

If you want to read a little bit more about the movie then go to wikipedia. If you watch it I hope you enjoy it as much as me. I have to confess it made me cry, although I cry every time I watch Armageddon so that isn’t saying much.

Just so it doesn’t shock any sane person they refer to the true game of football as soccer but you got to allow every movie at least one major flaw.



  1. Some day I want to do a blog post on how that movie changed my life. Too many ways to mention in such a short comment here. Michael Katt wrote a book called Prepare for Rain. It is mostly about the ministry of the church there and how God has changed it to what it is today. A very good read. I found it in the OMF bookstore there. (he is the pastor of Sherwood)
    Miss you guys! miss playing real Football with you!!

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