Posted by: Louise | January 27, 2010

Howdy Cowboy!

Ewan’s imagination is in full swing these days, and he is really enjoying dressing up. So I thought I would make him a new dressing up outfit for his 4th birthday.

Introducing Cowboy Jones


Here are the parts that make up the outfit.

A vest. I roughly followed this tutorial as a guide.


A pair of chaps. I used a pair of Ewan’s jeans to give me an idea of what size I should make them.


A cute little bandana with velcro so he can put it on himself.


Of course every cowboy needs a little lasso to catch his cattle.


But somehow the outfit seemed incomplete. The missing piece? A trusty horse.


Just the right thing to ride off into the sunset with.

DSC06626.JPG.png DSC06624.JPG.png

Oh and a wee bonus, the vest is reversible so he can be a fireman too 🙂

I’m joining the “Show and Tell” party at Blue Cricket Design.
And “Make it Wear it” at The Train to Crazy.


  1. Louise you certainly keep yourself busy!! and seem to enjoy it. Good on you. I’m sure your family back home are enjoying this too. Will certainly make the miles seem not so far.
    God Bless

  2. THAT is adorable!!!

  3. This is too precious! I love it! What a lucky little guy! Stop on by and link up at my Thursday carnival, Make it, Wear it!

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