Posted by: Louise | January 25, 2010

More pictures from Ewan’s birthday

We were so please that our friend James Bautista was able to come to Ewan’s party. Of course he came with his camera in hand and worked his magic again capturing the fun times. Here are some of my favourite photos.


Ewan being chased by a girl in Duck Duck Goose

Pinyata time!


Lydia watching the games from a safe distance 🙂




Lydia enjoying her favourite thing about parties – the cake.



Two happy but tired parents.

Thank you James for coming!


  1. mate .. poor Ewan being forced to wear that dodgy old Liverpool top. I’ve a good mind to call social services. Now if it was a Chelsea one that would be fine!

    it’s great to see all your pics and read your news. The kids are growing so fast. cya, Nev 😉

    • Chelsea – i didn’t realise they allowed British people to play in their strip – when did they change their policy 🙂

  2. Now let’s see .. Chelsea has Joe and Ashley Cole, Lampard, and Terry all regular 1st team squad .. but for Liverpool all i can think of is Carragher and Gerrard … that’s only 2 … poor Ewan. I’ll keep a look out for a good British Chelsea top for him. I believe they are even top of the league .. bonus

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