Posted by: Mark | January 20, 2010

Ewan’s Birthday Party

As anyone who is anyone who knows us, Ewan turned 4 recently. Yes it is true I am over 30, married, I have a grey patch in my beard when I grow it and I have a two kids one of whom is older than 4. Next stop 40. But that is not what I want to blog about. As anyone who is anyone who know Ewan, if there is a birthday there is a party. Since his second birthday Ewan has become addicted to his birthday parties. This year around 5 or 6 months before his birthday we started talking about it. Questions were bandied about like, “What do you want the theme to be?”, “Who do you want to come?”, and “What games do you want to play?”. Ewan and I were a full part of the decision making but of course when it came to the leg work, Louise got the lions share.

This year Ewan decided on a football party and he wanted to have it at the nearby school on their football field. We invited nearly 20 kids most of whom were 4 and under. Isn’t that a scary thought!! My part in the whole fiasco, except for piping icing directly into my mouth the night before, was to arrange and do the games.

After a little research on in the internet, some of which my lovely wife did, I came up with a list of games. We were going to play football (of course), a balloon popping game, keeping the balloon up in the air and some races. But the two things that seemed to hit the spot were waking the giant and the birthday piñata.

The waking the giant game involved me lying on the ground pretending to be asleep. Then Louise put sweets (candies) all around the ground near me. The kids then had to sneak up to me and try and get the sweets without waking me. Of course I would wake up and yell while grabbing as many kids as I could. The plan was all the kids would run away but our wee Ewan had different ideas. He rugby tackled me which then encouraged all the other kids to jump on top of me – they loved it.

The piñata was made by Louise and Ewan (Louise might even blog about this another time). I helped Louise with one of the layers and to be honest I was not confident that it would work. But man was I wrong. Ewan whacked it about a half dozen times before we decided to let everyone else have a go. All the kids there then donned the blind fold and whacked our home made paper-mâché football. The super strong structure held up until Ewan and I had another final go and hit it good. The kids of course loved all the sweets that spilled out of it.

Enjoy some photos from the day.









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