Posted by: Mark | January 13, 2010

I love these photos

Recently while we were on a boat trip, Louise met a friendly photographer called James Bautista. He requested from Louise that he be allowed to take photos of our kids and Louise said no problem but asked if he could email us the shots he took. The next day we got these two links from him on email:

We really liked the photos and so Louise thought it might be a good idea if we got him to do a photo shoot for us. We wanted a more natural shoot instead of a studio one and so after some emails we agreed to go to a local park for 2 hours one saturday morning. Our task was to play around with our kids and have a laugh and he would record it with his camera. The result was amazing. We were so happy. I have included a few photos below or you can go to the following two links to see more:

If anybody living here wants me to put you in contact with James just let me know.













  1. wow! those are great shots. he is obviously very talented. lydi looks WAY too big!! 🙂 -beth

  2. […] and we have had many fun times together in photo shoots. We have posted other photos he has taken here and here. This time he brought along another talented friend of his, Sarah Dayrit. We had some good […]

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