Posted by: Louise | January 8, 2010

Something from nothing

I had written in an earlier post about my new hobby of sewing. There are some very creative people out in blog land who make wonderful things for their families and friends. This particular blog is written by a very creative lady who is amazing at writing easy to follow tutorials on how to make anything from a felt Mr Potato Head to a Peg Notice Board. One of my favourite things that she does is “re-purposing” pieces of clothing that are no longer wanted/required. She inspired me to turn this


into this


How great! A free pair of shorts for Ewan and my itch to create something that day was well and truly itched. The fabric was the bottom of a pair of Marks trousers that could be either shorts or by simply zipping on two bottom bits, long trousers. He never actually used the bottom bits so he graciously agreed to let me cut them up in an attempt to make by first piece of clothing πŸ™‚

Here is donald duck modeling them πŸ™‚



(Yes his t-shirt is on back to front, he’s had a thing about dressing himself this way for months now!)


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