Posted by: Louise | December 30, 2009

A creative moment – storing hair clips!

Lydia’s hair has grown a lot faster then her brothers, thankfully (he didn’t have any hair till he was two). However, it is still in that stage where she always needs a clip to keep it out of her face. Well, they fall out or she pulls them out, and I was tired of finding them all over the house, or worse, not being able to find any when we need one, even though we have way more of them than we need. My solution was to store them in a ziplock bag, but that’s not very pretty or inspiring. So I had a creative moment and made this.


Ah, I love having a girl to make pretty things for!


This idea was inspired by some of the craft blogs I follow, so it’s not an original idea, but it was so fun and quick to make and Ewan was very interested in the glue gun!


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