Posted by: Louise | December 28, 2009


Ewan was busy playing out in the garden yesterday. I heard him come in and looked up and this is what he had for me.


“I know you love flowers mummy, so these are for you”. How sweet.

Lydia and I were reading books this morning and she said “I love you” for the first time. Ah, precious moments.

I’m so thankful for moments like these with my kids. Their sweetness just seems to be spontaneous and from the heart. I couldn’t plan these moments or even predict them, but I can enjoy everyone of them throughly and lock them away in my mind as a precious memory.

It makes me wonder about how God feels when I live a life that shows Him that I love and truly fear him, or when I stop and praise him for who He is, instead of always praying just about what I need or want. I wonder how He feels when I look at His creation and realise afresh that he is an awesome creator God.

I hope as His child, I can bring joy to Him, just like my children bring to me.



  1. It is just wonderful to have children(of any age). Maybe I should now be saying Sons and daughters….I don’t do sons in law ,I view my boys as my ready made sons!!! who so continually bring joy to your heart…..It gets better and better Louise. Sweeter and more precious all the time.

    This would be my real desire for 2010 that I too might walk humbly before My God and bring joy to His heart..It is a wonderful feeling to just rest in Him with a thankful heart and mind for all that 2010 might bring knowing that He doeth all things well….just needs us to let him work as he sees best. xx

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