Posted by: Mark | December 16, 2009

21st Century Food

In different countries you get your traditional food. Italy has its pasta and pizzas, America its burgers, Germany its frankfurters and Northern Ireland the Ulster Fry. But little did I know until lately that the Philippines has its “pizza cones”.

I was in need of a quick bite to eat so I took a walk from the guest house I was staying in down the road and came to the Amazing Cones – Pizza in a Cone shop. One cannot simply walk past a shop like this so I had to eat there, and besides, I only had 30 minutes and this kind of heart stopping, artery clogging, convenient fast food was just what I needed.


I have to say that it was really tasty, and apart from nearly burning my mouth off because the thing was just out of the oven (and the hot pepper sauce I decided to add didn’t help either), I really enjoyed it.

It was also a surprise to me that apparently the store is popular in Europe. So if you go to their site you can get information to getting a franchise and be the next big billionaire 🙂


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