Posted by: Louise | December 14, 2009

I can’t help it – I’m so excited! Reason three

The third reason (reason one and two were in previous posts) I’m excited it’s Christmas is because this year we have decided to split up the Christmas story into 25 days. These bite sized pieces are perfect for our three year old, and even our two year old is picking up some of what we are teaching them. Each day we have a short Bible reading or story and we do an activity related to it. We also have a number of simple Christmas songs (some of them Bible verse’s) to add to the fun.

We started on the 1st December by introducing this:


We take one loop off each day and on the inside is written what the Bible story and activity are for that day. Ewan loves it, especially now the chain is getting shorter and he knows Christmas is coming sooner. In fairness, it’s not the most classy Christmas decoration, but it serves it’s purpose well.

We also introduced them to this:


My sister-in-law Naomi got me a beautiful nativity set from Africa about 8 years ago. I love it, and last year Ewan desperately wanted to play with it. Knowing it wouldn’t last too long in the hands of our exuberant two year old, it had to be strictly off limits. How sad. So this year I wanted to find something they could play with, and they have played with it a lot. I love to listen to Ewan act out the Christmas story, often with his own twists! “Joseph, I’m Mary, I’m having God’s baby, will you marry me” is one of my favourite quotes. We got the pictures for the nativity scene from this site for free.

Here are some of the crafts I’ve enjoyed doing with the kids so far.


Most of the ideas for the things we are doing are from this great site. We just changed it around a little to suit us.  

This is probably the reason I’m enjoying the run up to Christmas the most. I love watching the kids take on new information and the structure of it means that I don’t put off doing the crafts and activities with the kids. All round I’ve found it to be lots of fun – purposeful interaction with my kids, my hubby and the Bible – I love it.



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