Posted by: Louise | December 9, 2009

I can’t help it – I’m so excited! Reason Two

The first reason I’m excited about Christmas is because I am looking forward to some of the Christmas traditions we have started. The second reason I’m excited about Christmas is because I have made some of my Christmas gifts this year. Mark blogged on Monday about the Advent Conspiracy and a part of that is spending less, and giving more – more time, more thoughtfulness, more lasting memories.

Here are a few of the gifts I have made, the others I will blog after Christmas, because I don’t want the receivers of the gifts to see them here!

This is for Lydia:


I got the tutorial for the dolls house here. I just made it three times bigger. Mark even got in on this project and helped me cut out some of the plastic that is inside.



I made this fishing game for Ewan from mainly fabric scraps someone gave to me (thank you Joan).


I got the pattern for the bag here for free.

I made this ABC book with Blurb. I think it cost around 7 pounds.





My sister Jayne is blind and loves to listen to stories. Currently she is enjoying Enid Blyton. Seeing I live on the other side of the world from her and can’t be there in person, I have recorded these two books for her to listen to.


This way she can hear my voice and enjoy the story. Ewan loved listening to me reading these books, so he peeps in with the odd comment now and again, I hope she will enjoy that too.

I have made a few more, but will post them after Christmas.

I have throughly enjoyed making these gifts and trying to think about what each person would really appreciate and making something personalized for them – no one else in the world will have one the same.

Reason three can be found here.



  1. Who taught you these skills?
    I never saw you do these in the workshop.
    Well done

  2. […] two and three can be found here and […]

  3. That doll house is so cute! It turned out so well!

  4. Really cute. I have made homemade presents many times. I have a playhouse pattern and never had a girl, but I always wanted one as a child.

  5. Wow! I love those books ! So much talent all in one post!

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