Posted by: Mark | December 2, 2009

Christians ?

One of the things I do here is help run a youth group for the high schoolers (Americans can read middle schoolers and high schoolers here). We call it CrossWalk and it meets roughly once every month during term time (Aug-May).

Since we started up this year in September we have been looking at the whole topic of what it means to be a Christian. The first month we asked along a great guy (Steve StC.) to talk on the subject and he did a great job teaching us through three stories about how we need to share our faith and live as Christians. Just this last month (Oct) we got a group of mums who have set up a group called TST (Teen Servant Teams) that want to give the guys here a chance to serve in the community that we live in. They brought along 5 people who shared about 4 different ministry opportunities for the guys and showed them how they could get involved. I was tasked with closing this time together with a short epilogue type talk (I had 10 minutes – which if you know me is tough).

I just wanted to share what I talked on as I found it quite challenging preparing it. I will do this over a few posts and I am going to start with the introduction that I used here.

We as people always act in certain ways and do certain things that show the type of people we are. This is well illustrated in my son’s life as he lives out many characters depending on what day it is – he is rarely just Ewan. Recently when his uncle was with us for a visit Ewan went into character for almost a full two days as a pirate and my brother-in-law was his first mate – TWO DAYS!!!! Here a few examples of some of the people Ewan becomes and what he does to show that:

Superman – Ewan dons the mask his mum made for him and the cape to go along with it. He puts his arms out in front of him and pretends he is flying around the house.

Bob the Builder – This is one of Ewan’s favourites. He puts on a hat, tool belt filled with tools and walks around purposefully hitting things with his hammer and screwing them with his screwdriver. At times he will also ask what needs fixed.

A farmer – Sorry if this offends anyone from a farming background but for this he pulls up his trousers as far as they will go. He sticks out his belly and says in his best low husky voice (which is not very low or husky) I’m a farmer – Argggg. He may also have animals in his hand or be playing with them for this one.

Footballer – On go the shin guards, socks and trainers and the Liverpool kit and the man is set. You may not know this but you can’t play football if you don’t have the gear on!!

King David (from the bible) – One would think that he might pretend to have a sling and kill Goliath. But oh no not our son – he skips ahead in the story and tries to chop peoples heads off because that is what David did to Goliath.

In Ewan’s little mind he understands that certain types of people act in certain ways and do certain things, and, in the case of most of Ewan’s personalities they wear certain clothes too.

When we become Christians we are no longer the same as we were. The bible says that we are new creations (2 Cor. 5.17) and that the Spirit of God dwells within us (Romans 8.9). What are we supposed to do as these new creations. What is the result of having the Spirit of God dwell within us?

Over the next few posts on this subject I want to look at that last question – what is the result of having the Spirit of God dwell within us?

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  1. Thank You Mark. Look forward very much to the next oneto the next one.

  2. It was fun reading about Ewan’s style. I mean, I thought I know him well already!

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