Posted by: Mark | November 27, 2009

577 metres

It is 577 metres from my house door to my office door according to Google Earth – or at least that is the approximate distance as there is a lot of cloud cover on their current picture.

577 metres should not be a long distance to walk to work. It should be a nice stroll there and back. And in the morning it is. I can put my earphones in my ears and listen to something easy going (like a sermon on doctrine from Mark Driscoll) in the morning as I head to work. The weather is just nice and as the sun is low in the sky I can enjoy a nice shaded walk.

Then comes lunch!! 😦

All of a sudden the walk back home is more like a stroll through the worlds largest sauna – the world’s largest very hot sauna. There are no cold seasons here – there is a season we call a cold season because we will see maybe 2 or 3 days where it doesn’t go above 30°C but lets face it that ain’t cold – every day is a hot day. The normal temperature here is between 32°C and 34°C. However the normal humidity is around the 85% mark so when you combine that with the temperature it feels like around 48°C (that is around 120°F for our American friends or very hot for anyone who is lost). Bottom line is walking home for lunch just isn’t pleasant, but, I can cope with it because I have spent all morning in air-con in my office so my body is nice and cooled down. This coolness can just about stay with me until I am home and in front of a fan. However, fans don’t cool, they just kind of stop you from sweating or blow it away before you realise it is there.

Then comes the walk back to work. That is just wrong. As soon as I get through my gate I am in direct sunlight as there is no shade in the middle of the day on our road. I then have to walk around 290 metres with this lack of shade while my body sweats more fluid than is natural. Finally I get to into shade and my body gets a little reprieve while I walk the remainder of the way to my fridge cold, aircon on full blast, haven of an office. It then takes me around 30 minutes to dry out – not a nice thought, sorry.

Maybe next time you are playing football or working out in the gym or slaving over a hot stove on a Sunday afternoon and the sweat is running down your back you can give me a thought on my 577 metre walk home from lunch 🙂



  1. Feel hot just reading it !!!

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