Posted by: Mark | November 25, 2009

It is painful looking this good

Lately Ewan’s hair has been getting a little on the long side – a little longer and he could have acted the part of Goldilocks without a wig. So we decided that it was hair chopping time. The last time we got his hair cut here (which was only his second cut ever in his life) we had went to the little kiddies barber shop and paid a whole £1.50. However, this time that seemed like a little too much so I decided to take him to the barber I use when I can’t be bothered cutting my own hair – it only costs 40p.

Ewan loved it. There were high chairs, scissors, mirrors and it was just cool. He got to sit on top of a plastic bin that was placed on the top of the seat – classic. He was of course as good as gold and came out looking sharp – pictures below.

So while I was in the barbers I thought I might as well treat the world and give my chiseled good looks a little grooming. In plain speak that means I was getting a hair cut and a shave. Seemed like a good idea. The hair cut was no problem but then came the shave. This is not my first barbers shave here in the Philippines but it was definitely my most thorough. The guy did not want to leave any hair (or possibly any skin that could grow hair) on my face. Each part was scraped with a brand new razor at least a dozen time. Believe it or not this is not painful. However, then comes the shock. After getting my skin nice and raw without any warning he slaps on a full handful of alcohol on my neck and face – ohhh the pain. Only I am the nice calm person that I am I could have stood up and gave him a reminder not to do this again but I was of course bigger than that. Some 10 or 15 minutes later I got up from the chair looking my Georgie Best after the customary clean up and shoulder and head rub.

Then the two most handsome men in that particular square meter walked out of the shop only £1.30 lighter for the pleasure of being nicely groomed – got to love this country.







  1. i have just read this to night !!!! Speechless!!!! OK Grannies and Mother in laws should be speechless but O I hope ytou have kept some curls ??? . Tell Ewan he looks real cool and a real wee boy but those curls were FABULOUS. Where are the pics of Mark with hair and shave??

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