Posted by: Louise | November 23, 2009

A new hobby – making homemade toys!

When at home last year, I got a kit to make a doll for Lydia. I really enjoyed making it, although it took a while because I sewed it all by hand.


When I realized I love sewing so much I borrowed my friends machine and tried my hand at sewing the faster way! I don’t know what it is about sewing that I love so much, maybe it’s making something from scratch the I find satisfying, or maybe because the kids normally love what I make for them. Perhaps it’s because it’s a tangible outcome at the end of a day when many of my tasks can’t be measured, unless you count regular activities like – I changed four nappies, read aloud three children’s books, made three meals….

Anyway, one of the first things I made with my friends machine were these aprons and hats for the kids. They work really well when we bake together or paint etc. I got the chef’s hat pattern from this website.


Then around April time, friends of ours were leaving to go back to their home country and they had a second hand sewing machine for sale at a great price. So after checking my birth certificate to make sure I wasn’t lying to him about my age all these years, Mark bought me the machine:) (He thinks I’m a little young to be enjoying sewing so much!). The machine has been so much fun and has a long history, as it was made the same year as I was born.

Here are some of the things it has helped me create.

I followed a tutorial here to make this game.


This cape has batman on the other side, but it was hard to get good pictures because Ewan was so busy saving the world! I got the idea from this tutorial.


I have a problem with cutting fabric the wrong size! I was able to make this piece into a bag for Lydia. She carried it everywhere with her for a while, until she left it behind her somewhere.


Here is the tutorial for the bean bags and here is the one for the basket.


This was one of the hardest things I have made, but it was so much fun to see Ewan’s reaction and the amount he plays with it. I’m working on a doll house for Lydia for Christmas. This blog has a tutorial on how to make it.


I found this supper cute tutorial for the blanket here.
Tutorial for nappies (diapers) here



I got the tutorial for the animals here and here and the teething rings here. They are all from one of my favourite blogs – Make it and Love it.
I am very thankful for my old but trusty sewing machine. If only there was more time to use it!


  1. You have done some amazing stuff!!! Well done you are a truly talented sewer and I’m impressed!!!!

  2. Wow! You have become quite the prolific sew-er! I’m so impressed. Here is a site I like, but there are also lots of knitting projects… you’ll have to click on “sewing projects” to find things for you! 🙂

  3. I seen you made the super hero cape from Puking Pastilles…I’m wanting to make one for my son. I’m not the best sewer but I do okay.

    I don’t understand the neck part, how to cut it (shape wise) and the velcro.

    Can you help me?

    (I don’t have the money really to buy the pattern…that’s why I wanted to use the internet!)

    • Hi Amy,

      I use the internet to get free patterns and tutorials too! I drew freehand onto paper first to make a pattern, but you could use a small plate for the inner part of the neck to get it nice and round. I made a second cape for my friends child and made the outer part of the neck much wider and it worked much better. If you put one bit of Velcro on each color and that worked well for me. Does that help? I’m just a beginner sower, so I’m still trying to figure things out.

  4. […] from nothing I had written in an earlier post about my new hobby of sewing. There are some very creative people out in blog land who make […]

  5. great job!! I love all of those projects. And I can’t believe you were sewing projects all by hand. Wow, the patience! Anyway, thanks for the link and well done!


  6. Your sewing skills rock!

  7. Thanks for the links! Great projects!

  8. Oh my you are very talented, you may never need to step inside of a toy store again. Seriously, I’d love it if I could make stuff like this I am jealous!

  9. That’s a great idea there. I always find that it is much cheaper and a lot more fun to make homemade toys rather than to spend a lot of money at the store. You can be much more creative and really make the toys more fun at home.

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