Posted by: Louise | November 16, 2009

Recycling at it’s best!

When we were at home last year, I noticed that much about getting rid of our rubbish in Northern Ireland had changed. The different coloured bins and boxes took me a while to figure out.

Here we do our part for the environment, but it’s coupled with helping someone have a lively hood too.

Meet our “plastic man”, well that’s what he’s called in our house, I’m sure that’s not his name!


We gather all our plastic, metal and cardboard in a big bag and every now and then our “plastic man” comes along and collects it and takes it off to sell at a recycling place. This gives him a lively hood and helps the environment at the same time!


I love it, I just wish he wouldn’t always call at 6.30am!




  1. My recycling raises money for charity 🙂 all good!!

  2. is this the man that woke me up before your children did?!!!!!!

    • Yes he’s the man 🙂

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