Posted by: Mark | November 11, 2009

Puerto Rico – not the country

It may come as a shock to many who know me (please read the sarcasm here) but I do not spend all my time here working. One of the things that I do here is play games with some other guys. When I lived in NI the idea of playing games that were not on an N64 or PS2 wasn’t really heard of. Either we got out the high tech or we spent a night enjoying that NI exclusive product called ‘craic’. But alas a change is as good as a holiday and it has been great fun for me to discover some new and interesting games. I just want to take the chance to talk about one of them here.

The game in question is one of my favourites and it is called “Puerto Rico”.


Like many of the games the guys and I play here this is not a chance game but a strategy game. There are no die and no hidden cards to turn over. You are playing against the other players who have exactly the same setup as you. Sorry no double sixes or chance cards here – though some of more unscrupulous types will be glad to hear there is a bank for you to steal from 🙂

The purpose of the game is to make a success of your country (represented by a rectangle of cardboard) and collect as many victory points as is possible. You build up your country by getting plantations and building buildings. You then have to staff these with people. The purpose of this is to create crops (coffee, tobacco, indigo, sugar and corn) which you then put on ships to earn victory points. At the end of the game the country that you have build up can also give you victory points and the player with the most wins.

This to someone who has never played it before may sound like a night just slightly more desirable than cutting your 80 year-old neighbors infected toe nails, but, to put it bluntly you would be wrong. It is a great game which results in a great nights laugh and the presence of high calorie dips and crisps (chips) only makes it better. Puerto Rico was ranked the number one overall game by BoardGameGeek for 5 years – it was just knocked off this spot last year by another game which is zipping its way here in a box as we speak.

You can check out a description of the game on Wikipedia and BoardGameGeek. If any of you guys in NI venture out and buy the game make sure and invite me over next time I am home – Bru, crisps and dip on me.



  1. Stevenson made us play this game; it was boring! : ) Dominion is a better game!

  2. boring! ur a nerd! lol

  3. has become a favorite sunday point for me

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