Posted by: Mark | November 6, 2009

The worldwide stretch of the Golden Arches

Louise and I have been to a few countries in our time and one thing crosses them all – McDonalds. Everywhere we have went (except for one SE Asian town in the middle of nowhere) there has been a McDonalds. Basically they are everywhere – but they are not the same.

In Northern Ireland when you go to McDonalds the things on your mind to order are either a beef burger (lets face it no one orders the fish burger) or nuggets, although this may have changed since we left NI as I believe McDs are going health conscious – is there nothing stable in this world?

Here in Asia it is a little different. You can still get the Big Mac, McChicken and other burgers. You can still get chicken nuggets. However, here is where we deviate. You can order rice in McDs here – actually a lot of meals come with rice instead of chips (aka fries). You can also get spaghetti and sauce or chicken drumsticks. If it takes your fancy you can even get a chicken fillet, rice, gravy and a drink for around 60p.

For Louise the kids and I we have seen our tastes evolve as we live longer here. Of course when we first came we enjoyed buying Big Mac meals for a little over a pound. The cheapness and handiness of McDonalds resulted in me more than once eating there three times in one day during the time Louise was sick while she was pregnant with Ewan.

However, as we live longer we find ourselves choosing rice with our meals more and more. Our normal order when we are with the kids is either 3 or 4 chicken fillet, rice, gravy and drink meals. Ewan will sometimes also order spaghetti though he is the only one of us venturing in that direction currently.

One final difference in the McDonalds here is the freely available water. When you order food if you order something without a drink you can request water which is completely free. This makes Ewan happy as he much prefers to drink water and thinks that coke and sprite are spicy. Lydia on the other hand would drink all the coke we would buy her.

Just this last week we decided that instead of cooking lunch at home we would go the easy route and get some faithful McDs. While we were there and because we have an unhealthy addiction to taking photos and our camera seems surgically attached to us, we took some shots.



  1. Love this. Would actually be great to tour the McDonalds of the world to sample each localised menu, although that night actually kill me

  2. enjoying the blog but thats mctucky your eating at

  3. You lot are brilliant – keeping things real!

  4. They have the BEST fried chicken!!! When I was pregnant with Jack and Anne I was addicted to the rice and gravy. Love the fact that your camera is surgically attached, that’s funny!

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