Posted by: Louise | November 4, 2009

Structed and purposeful time with a three year old?

When Ewan turned three, I knew he needed a little more structure to his day and I also was really wanting to get more disciplined about doing a regular Bible time with him, like stories and memory verses etc.

I’m not sure how, but one day I stumbled upon this website which has a WONDERFUL FREE curriculum for three year olds that is based on the Bible. Ewan and I both love it and have been doing it three times a week for a few months now. I can’t quiet believe what a little sponge my three year old is. He seems to just drink in the details of the Bible stories and can almost learn the verses faster than I can. The lady that writes the curriculum also suggests other fun things for each week, like letter of the week, which has a little song and worksheets that tie in with the Bible story. She also has simple science themes and suggests books to read…. It’s great and what is really nice is you can take what you want and leave the rest. Lydia loves to get in on whatever we are doing too and hopefully she is absorbing some of the verses, stories and letter sounds as we go.




If you have a preschooler check it out, there are separate ideas for two, three and four year olds!


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