Posted by: Louise | October 28, 2009

The things kids say and do #1

For a while now I have tried to write down all the things the children say and do that I find funny or want to remember. Mainly to share with family and because I can be a wee bit sentiemental at times.

Here’s a sample

Ewan’s friend was over to play one evening and was crying loudly over something. Ewan walks over and puts his hand on her back and says “it’s ok, don’t cry, my daddy is going to get ice cream”. I wonder where he learnt that chocolate and ice cream make life’s troubles disappear???

Ewan (and Mark) brought me a bagel and some orange juice to bed for Mothers day. I was happily eating my bagel and Ewan was having the odd bite (I wonder when my food will be my own again?). He got distracted for a while and I finished my breakfast. Then a few minuets later he came back and asked where the bagel was. I told him I ate it. He looked at me with very sad eyes and said “but mama, I was hungry too”. Boy, talk about feeling guilty!

We have an empty site beside our house with fruit trees growing in it. One afternoon it was raining and we went out to see the rain and there was a slight breeze rustling the leaves of the tall tress. Ewan said “listen mummy, the trees are saying hello”

Ewan was up way to early one morning and after laying in bed with us for around 20 mins he decided he had had enough and was getting up. I asked him where he was going – “to the living room to relax” – which was funny in itself, but even more funny when he generally doesn’t sit still to do anything close to “relaxing”. After a few minuets I thought I had better drag myself out of bed to see what he was up to. He was standing at the bench having just got the banana and chocolate cake out of the fridge and said “ok I have a plan. We will eat banana and chocolate cake and watch TV, ok?”. Since when has my two year old “planned” my mornings for me! It was a tempting plan though! Ah, cake for breakfastJ

More to follow…



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