Posted by: Louise | October 26, 2009


Mark and I both love to take pictures. To be honest most of them are of our children, but the odd time, because we live in such a beautiful country, we can’t help but get a beautiful scenery shot.

However, this hobby became a little extreme on a recent holiday we took with Mark’s parents when they came to visit us last June. On our six day trip we took over 700 photos. Here are some of my favourites:

gg photobook - 017.jpg

Ewan loving climbing this mango tree

gg photobook - 007.jpg

Enjoying the scenery with Granny and Granda on our first picnic of the holiday

gg photobook - 032.jpg

Mark and Lydia on the boat ride to the beautiful Island we stayed on.

gg photobook - 094.jpg

We all feel very small beside the big waterfall.

gg photobook - 137.jpg

White beaches!

gg photobook - 189.jpg

gg photobook - 232.jpg

The two men in my life:)

But what do we do with all the photos after we have downloaded them onto our computer and inflicted them upon our friends and family? Well we have followed what many others are doing and use an online photo company to make photobooks of our family for each year. We love Great quality and great prices. Although they have some good lay outs, I wanted a bit more flexibility in the arrangement of the photos, so we use the free program picasa and make collages which we then insert as a picture. Here are some of my favorite pages from some of the books we already have.

gg photobook8.jpg

gg photobook21.jpg

grace's wedding.jpg



So, if you are like us, and have a computer full of photo’s why not make them into an album and keep all those precious memories alive.



  1. Wow, what a gorgeous place.

  2. I never thought of loading the collages on. What a great idea!

  3. Great idea! I just did a collage for my sister’s 50th birthday, and then had it made into a puzzle.

  4. You are so creative!! What a great idea!! The collage inserted as a photo is a fantastic idea.

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