Posted by: Mark | October 23, 2009

Kid’s Football

One of the fun things I have got to do lately is “coach” something Ewan calls “Kid’s football” – in his weaker moments he regresses and calls it “Kid’s soccer” but we are working on correcting his language.

This came about because Ewan is not yet 5 – see Louise’s earlier post on the tragedy that this is. You see, there already was “Big Kid’s football” but you had to be 5 (which some of Ewan’s friends already were) to play. So Ewan asked me if he could just play with the younger kids.

So Louise and I decided to do football for Ewan and his friends. That was at least until Louise decided to be in Manila the first week and left me on my own – but that is a whole different story.

It turns out that although Kid’s football is not highly skilled it is a lot of fun. We had 30 minutes a week were 5 or 6 kids (all girls except for Ewan) ran after a ball in a pitch that was around 6mX3m in size. They loved it. We loved it. It was a lot of fun. This however has now prompted Ewan to ask for “Kid’s frisbee”, “Kid’s baseball”, “Kid’s volleyball” and “Kid’s basketball”. We will see where we end up with all of that.

Here are a few pictures of the experience – note Ewan’s professional attire 🙂







  1. Keep him in the Liverpool tops!!! When he grows up they may actually be good

  2. This sounds really good!

    Then I saw the pictures…….. yep very cruel with the kit.

    Did you hear about the man who wanted to return his halloween costume – he ordered a mickey mouse outfit and the postman delivered Liverpool FC!!

    Praying for you guys often!!

  3. […] Footballer – On go the shin guards, socks and trainers and the Liverpool kit and the man is set. You may not know this but you can’t play football if you don’t have the gear on!! […]

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