Posted by: Mark | October 21, 2009

Why are we blogging

“Mark and Louise have a blog”, “We have a blog”. There are two phrases that we never thought we would say. But here we are all the same.

We wanted to write this blog for several reasons and hopefully we achieve at least some of them.

Firstly we are from a country we don’t live in and as a result have people who know us and pray for us from all over the world – mainly in Northern Ireland – Hi guys :). We wanted to give you guys a look into our lives and thoughts so you could know us a little bit better. We are not good at picking up the phone and talking to people, and we only come home for short periods every few years, so hopefully through this you can keep in contact with who we are – if you guys have blogs let us know and maybe it can be reciprocal.

Secondly, we felt it was a good idea to put some of the things we experience and feel down in a form where we could remember them or better understand them. When something neat happens we hope to post it up here, so we can go back through this ourselves and remember the experiences God has led us through. When we have thoughts about something, or we learn something it is our plan to articulate it clearly here for our own benefit so we can understand it better and as a side effect hopefully others can benefit.

Thirdly, because we are not old but young and know that all the people who are “the” people have blogs :).

We hope that through reading our blogs you can grow to know us a little more and be also know God through us a little more.

Blessings to you all,

Mark and Louise (and maybe at times the kids too)



  1. Hey guys! Glad you got the blog up and running… you are such yanks!! But its cool… i like it… ill be a regular blog stalker! Will give yas a ring after yf weekend! Send my love to kids! Grace xx

  2. Very cool! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog! ~Sharon Wooten

  3. its true all the very hip and happin people have blogs! lookin forward to keepin up to date with you with this

  4. very glad you have starting blogging! i definitely look forward to keeping up with the joneses! 🙂

  5. check that grammar! it is too late for me to be writing!

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