Posted by: Louise | October 21, 2009

Living for the here and now

The phrase

“I can’t wait to be five mummy”

has been on the lips of our three and a half year old lately. To Ewan, being five, means you have “made it”. You can start school, have swimming lessons, be part of a football team…. When I try to explain the reasons why he must wait to do these activities, I’m often met with the same reaction – shoulders hunched forward, head hung low and protruding bottom lip –

“I wish I was five already”


As I look at my eldest son, so sad with his fate of being

“ONLY being three and a half”

I think back to days when I too was often discontent with the status quo. Always looking forward to the next change. Leaving school and going to university, getting married, starting my first job as an Occupational Therapist, moving to work overseas, starting a family….. I was always looking forward to the next thing, not that I wasn’t grateful for what I had, but I was always thinking about what was around the corner.

Ewan’s childlike behavior has prompted me to realize that I rarely long or even wonder about the future anymore. I’m living for the here and now.  No longer am I trying to get a glimpse of what is around the corner or dreaming about what is yet to be a reality.

There may be many reasons for this. Perhaps I’m finding motherhood totally fulfilling, or maybe my brain is so sleep deprived and full of nursery rhymes that I no longer have time to dream and wonder. Perhaps the fun and challenge of living cross culturally is exciting enough to fulfill that itch that always seemed to plague me before. Or perhaps the highs and lows over the past few years have been used to change my character? Is it possible that I’m experiencing what Paul wrote to Timothy about in 1Tim 6:6-8?  That true religion and contentment is really “great wealth.”

I’m thankful that I can watch my little preschooler grapple with the reality of having to wait to reach the grand milestone of turning five, because I’m reminded to be content with what I have and where I am, and to live each day for what it brings, the good and the bad. To live for the here and now.



  1. […] came about because Ewan is not yet 5 – see Louise’s earlier post on the tragedy that this is. You see, there already was “Big Kid’s football” but […]

  2. This is great reading!!!! Thinking that contentment and acceptance go together. raised in a generation and family where I was taught and told to” content myself ” as like most young ones I was frequently bored.!! Paul learned to be content in any circumstances knowing that His God was in cntrol of all that concerned him and I thank God He is in control of our circustances too and we so need to rejoice in that. Real contentment comes from knowing Jesus…xx

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